What is Propane? Propane gas is a type of liquefied petroleum that is popularly used for home and grill heating, water heating, dryers, vehicles, appliances and many other residential and commercial purposes that require efficient or portable heat. It is environmentally friendly by-product of oil and natural gas refining. You may also occasionally see it referred to as LP gas, LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas. It is one of the cleanest available burning fuels. Propane is placed under pressure to make it into the liquid product that is delivered to your home or business.



Here at Charlton Oil & Propane we like to offer our customers a no stress guarantee. Monitored propane deliveries provide you with that. We will have a service technician come out and install a tank monitor for $60 a year as long as you have a minimum of 2-120 gallon propane tanks. This will take the stress off the homeowner and allow you to just relax while we take care of all your propane delivery needs. *All tanks are filled to 80% (per driver discretion) and a credit card on file is required

Will Call

With this option you are in control of your deliveries. Please keep in mind that we do need you to call at 20% to allow for adequate delivery time. There are same day and emergency delivery options available. At this time a same day deliveries Monday Through Friday between 8:30 AM & 4 PM are $80. Any after hours deliveries are billed at $150 charge, this includes holidays.